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Authentic Pretzels & Sourdough Breads

XLVII is the number forty-seven in Roman numerals. Léon had a very special relationship with his grandfather who was born in 1947. Léon comes from a line of chefs & bakers. His grandfather was a baker and his father is a chef. Léon grew up on the border of France & Germany in Alsace and came to the United States in 2017. He speaks English, French, and German fluently.


When he came to the United States, Léon found a profound lack of authentic pretzels. XLVII's Bakery was born! In remembering his roots, he has made sure to incorporate both French and German cultures in his baking. 


Léon has been married to his wife Tové Speth since 2017. Together they have two sons, Enzo and Valentino Etienne Speth. They enjoy all things Colorado has to offer as well as traveling. Together they make a fantastic team.  


Thank you for supporting local small business! 

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